Point-based Immigration System

How does the UKs new post-Brexit point-based immigration system work?

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Elite PiC one of the UKs most trusted Immigration consultancies

Elite PiC one of the UKs most trusted Immigration consultancies

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Sponsor licensing post-Brexit

Skill threshold lowered for international workers
Sponsor license needed for new EU employees

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The immigration advisers at Elite PIC are equipped to provide personal immigration law advice and representation to individuals looking to work and live in the UK. Our immigration advisers are experienced professionals capable of preparing high quality visa applications and providing legal advice to clients based on their unique circumstances and individual needs.

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Elite PIC immigration advisers work directly with businesses in the UK to ensure all their immigration requirements are met. From recruiting foreign nationals, to establishing an overseas business in the UK or intra-company transfers - our immigration experts are able to cover all immigration routes and deliver compliant solutions for investors and entrepreneurs, businesses and corporate firms.

Sponsor Licensing

EU citizens, who will enter the United Kingdom after 1st January 2021, will be subjected to new immigration rules and will be expected to apply for visas like other non-EU citizens. If you are an employer who foresees the need to employ EU nationals after the 1st of January 2021, now is the time to apply for a sponsor licence. So you are in a position to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to Skilled Workers.

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How does the SponsorLicense application process work?

From 1st Jan 2021, UK employers needed to apply for a SponsorLicense in order to employanyone who was not a British or Irish citizen or a EU citizen ( not already living here)...

Decoding the UK's Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business (SRoB) visa allows this employee of an overseas business to come to the UK, set up and run a UK branch or a subsidiary of the...

What does the UK's new point-based immigration system mean for European nationals?

Brexit: the UK made the historic decision to leave the European Union (EU) in January 2020 and a new Points Based System of Immigration was launched from the start of this year...

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