Intra Company Transfer Licence Application

(ICT) sponsor licence allows multinational organisations to temporarily transfer overseas workers to the UK. The workers must be employed overseas, be transferring to a UK entity which is linked to the overseas entity by common ownership or control and be sponsored by the UK entity as an ICT (Tier 2) worker.

Intra Company (Tier 2) (ICT) Sponsor Licence Application:

In order to apply for a ICT sponsor licence, the potential sponsor must complete an online application form.

This form is supported with a number of documents which demonstrate a) the common link between the overseas company and the UK company applying for the license  and b) that the organisation is genuine and trading in the UK.

Examples of documents that can be submitted include:
  • Bank Statements
  • VAT certificate
  • PAYE tax reference number
  • Employer’s liability insurance certificate
  • Evidence of premises such as a lease or freehold document
  • Annual accounts
    * (for much of the hospitality sector) – evidence of registration with local council to serve hot food
  • Evidence of registration with a regulatory body, if applicable – for example for Care Homes – Care Quality Commission registration

All supporting documentation must be sent to UKVI within five working days of the online form being submitted.

Also, the organisation is required to provide UKVI with some general information about their company and a rationale to support the licence application.

Compliance visit:
UKVI may visit the organisation in order to carry out a compliance inspection in order to determine if  the organisation can offer genuine vacancies to overseas workers and will be capable of carrying out its sponsor duties.

As part of a compliance visit, UKVI carries out a number of checks, including a review of the organisation’s current practices, policies and HR procedures in order to ensure that it has suitable systems in place.

Following such a visit, UKVI will either grant the licence or if they have any concerns, the application can be refused. It is therefore essential that you review all  relevant HR systems and processes before you submit a sponsor licence application.

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