Certificate of Sponsorship

A Sponsor must assign a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to their selected overseas skilled worker before a visa application can be submitted.

There are two types of CoS that can be assigned, an Undefined CoS and a Defined CoS.

Undefined CoS

Undefined CoS are to be used for:
  • Those who are already in the UK and who are eligible to apply under the Skilled Worker route; and for those applying under the other routes, regardless of location.
When a business first applies for a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence, it will be asked to confirm how many Undefined CoS it needs and may be asked to provide evidence or a detailed explanation as to why the business will need to assign that amount of CoS.

Any CoS that have not been assigned will expire on the 5 April each year. Each year, before this date, Sponsors will be asked to estimate the amount of CoS required for the following year.

If a sponsor fails to submit a request to renew the CoS allocation, it is possible to apply for a new allocation throughout the year.

Defined CoS

Defined CoS are used by those who are applying from overseas.
Sponsors must make a specific application to the Home Office for a Defined CoS.  The UKVI will either grant the CoS within several days or ask for further clarifying information.
Once a Defined CoS has been granted, it must be assigned to a potential and eligible employee within three months or it will expire. 

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